Moscow Head Office
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The Moscow Bar Association “Ulpian”

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Moscow Head Office Tverskaya Zastava pl. House 3, office 8, Moscow (metro station Belorusskaya)

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8 (495) 669-64-75

Services for Legal Entities and Self-employed Entrepreneurs

Legal Services for Entities - Our services for the legal entities include legal support through outsourcing. This kind of interaction enables to reduce staff costs and allocate these costs in the expenditure. As a result, the companies no longer need to spend money on in-house lawyers’ salaries, to pay annual and maternity leave. It is a lot more profitable and efficient to work with the knowledge-focused professionals so that the quality of legal services provided for the Moscow companies remained constantly high.

Free consultations

Legal Outsourcing Legal Outsourcing. We help to solve problems and find better solutions:

We provide law services to businesses in the following areas: drafting and reviewing contracts; verifying constituent documents; transactions support; assisting clients with a wide range of law matters; a company or division dissolution; setting up companies (Russian LLCs); employment disputes resolution; protection of business reputation; pre-trial dispute resolution. Our main focus is dealing with a wide range of legal issues. We are convinced that legal outsourcing is one of the best ways of company interactions.

Our experienced team offers an integrated support to businesses and provides the opportunity for companies to make their work more efficient and productive. Our legal services make it possible for our clients quickly and properly to solve any problems related to the legal issues.


  1. We provide a one-time contact a lawyer such as consultations, drafting and reviewing documentation, representation in court.
  2. Also, we provide subscription services. It appears to be the most efficient kind of interaction as it enables to find the best solutions and prevent the potential negative consequences. Participation of a lawyer or the lawyers’ team allows to examine in detail the peculiarities of the business activities and to ensure the full legal protection of your rights and interests.

Our subscription services include a wide range of law issues: Drafting documentation; Reviewing contracts; Final documentation analysis; Recommendations on the amendments to the internal corporate records; Transactions support; Employment disputes resolution; Legal advice; Tendering support. The advantage of the legal outsourcing provides the opportunity to choose the appropriate services and develop an individual plan. Moreover, you are also protected by a nondisclosure agreement what makes our assistance far more reliable and secure.

Legal services are becoming more and more marketable and popular with companies. We do our best to provide the full and the most convenient legal support. Our lawyers can work Skype. Moreover, there are our offices and representative offices in 2 Moscow districts. In other regions of Russia, we also have representative offices. Our lawyers work across the country and can meet you in any town by appointment to find the best solution. We secure your company’s work and make it sustainable and reliable.

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