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Legal Investigation

In Russia, legal investigation has become popular and it is increasingly in demand as the legal service over the last few years. Many people, who communicated with those who represent the law, made sure that law enforcement officials can be biased and partial. They are sometimes unable or reluctant to discover the truth and respect the rights of those who are involved in the proceedings under the pressure from third parties. However, the citizens under difficult circumstances want to ensure that their rights and interests are defended by dedicated professionals who are eager to secure the interests of their clients.

What is Legal Investigation?

Legal Investigation is a set of legal actions aimed at clients’ protection. According to the current legislation, a lawyer is entitled to fulfil the following:

  • To gather necessary details and proof;
  • To draft and submit a formal request;
  • To record and gather evidence base;
  • To conduct a legal review of the necessary documentation;
  • To take other legal actions.

The proper defense in court consists in gathering details and proof in the interests of a client. It is particularly refers to the legal investigation in the criminal proceedings. A lawyer can interview witnesses, obtain information from local authorities and organisations, ascertain and provide items and documents that can be considered as evidence and so on.

Lawyer’s requests are formal written documents where the lawyer asks for information, documents, access to information that is relevant to the case.

To draft a proper line of defense a lawyer is entitled to gather information, take photos, make video shooting that can be used as evidence base under the current legislation.

A legal review of the provided documents can have a great impact on the case, ascertain the new facts and circumstances as well as be used as evidence in court.

Moreover, a lawyer is entitled to take other actions so as to protect his client’s interests under the current legislation.

What are the advantages of the legal investigation?

In fact, legal investigation is regulated by law that protects lawyers from interference in the professional activities. So, our clients can be assured that the outcomes will be in their best interests.

For example:

  • A lawyer can’t be interrogated as a witness. Also, he can’t be required to provide information that he obtained from clients and working the case.
  • It is prohibited to conduct investigation and police operations targeting lawyers without a court decision.
  • Information, documents and items from clients’ cases must not be used as evidence.

According to the Code of Professional Ethics for Lawyers, a lawyer is not entitled to implicitly collaborate with the investigation bodies. Thanks to these advantages, our clients can be sure that legal investigation is always performed to protect their rights and interests.

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