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Moscow Head Office Tverskaya Zastava pl. House 3, office 8, Moscow (metro station Belorusskaya)

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8 (495) 669-64-75

Civil Litigation Lawyer

As a matter of fact, the courts hear various cases on issues including civil, family, housing, employment, land use and environment disputes and others. Cases sometimes are so controversial that they could become the gripping plots of the books. Only a dedicated and experienced professional is able to deal with complex legal issues.

According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation and civil procedural legislation, our citizens have the right to promote their interests on their own or through representatives. Moreover, the personal involvement may be accompanied by a qualified legal professional . Bearing in mind the complexity of the cases, the legislator provided a higher-education requirement for trial lawyers in the current administrative legislation. You should think it over how efficient and fast you want to solve your case remaining busy doing other things.

Do you want to divorce as soon as possible without facing financial ruin? Do you have to divide your property?Are your counterparts evading his responsibilities? Have you rights been violated by action or inaction of the state or local authorities?

Our lawyers are eager to solve the problems arising from civil law relations taking into account your wishes and interests in the shortest time possible. You will attain the best possible outcome if you hire an experienced and qualified lawyer, in addition to this, you save both time and money. If you let us review your case, you will receive unparalleled service.

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