Moscow Head Office
Tverskaya Zastava pl.
House 3, office 8,
(metro station Belorusskaya) Branch Offices
The Moscow Bar Association “Ulpian”

+7 (495) 669-64-75


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Moscow Head Office Tverskaya Zastava pl.,House 3, office 8, Moscow (metro station Belorusskaya)

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8 (495) 669-64-75
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Subscription Services

Personal Lawyer

We develop and review documents in corporate law as well as check the documents provided by the clients if they comply with the law and our clients’ interests.

Family Lawyer

We offer an unlimited number of legal advice in person, on the phone and online

Corporate Lawyer

We offer subscription services for legal protection of the rights and interests

The Moscow Bar Association “Ulpian”

According to Gustav Radbruch, German philosopher of law, “Sciences which have to busy themselves with their own methodology are sick sciences”.

The Moscow Bar Association “Ulpian”. Home

The Moscow Bar Association "Ulpian" led by the top lawyer Vitaly V. Zavertnev has been effectively and productively providing professional legal assistance for years.

Today the Moscow Bar "Ulpian" takes great pride in its solid team and good professional reputation. Our attorneys and lawyers are knowledgeable and competent in various practice areas. It provides a comprehensive approach to the problem under consideration and allows us to find the best possible solution to a more and less sophisticated case within a reasonable time.

We offer integrity in work with clients, vast practical experience and ongoing willingness to improve our professional skills. Such a conscientious attitude to work allows us to hold a leading position in legal services.

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